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Playing seems like such a simple thing. And yet, to a child, playing is so much more. Playtime is more important to children than many people realize. Kids need to play to help them learn skills that they will need to grow into healthy, successful adults.

There are many different ways that children learn through play, and the more they play, the better they will get at any given skill. Playing with dolls or stuffed animals, for example, helps kids work on their imaginations, while riding bikes helps them hone their motor skills.

Each child learns at her own pace, so don't worry if your daughter seems to focus more on drawing than your son, who might want to do nothing but ride his skateboard. Children will move on to another skill when their brains are ready for it.

Did you see what I wrote at the top of this site? "Because playing is a job for kids!" If you think about that for a moment you will probably realize that this sentence can be taken two ways. The most obvious interpretation of this sentence is that kids play, that's what they do, making play time their 'jobs'. However, the literal interpretation is also true - playing is hard work for kids because they need to play to help their brains develop properly.

The purpose of this site is to help you find good, quality toys. Each toy found on this site will help develop a certain type of skill, and I have included which skill any given toy helps teach. Some toys help kids learn multiple skills, and I will list each skill that a toy can be helpful with. I've also included links to these skills so you can find out more information about the skills a toy will help develop if you are interested in learning about each skill.

Mama Says Play is a toy review site. I have reviewed each toy so you will be able to see what a toy does, what age range the toy is meant for, any features that it has, and any possible pros and cons. Additionally, I have read through reviews from people who own that toy to see why they liked it, all to help you decide if the toy is right for the child in your life.

I also write more casual toy posts. The purpose of these posts is to help you match the right toy to the right child.

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