LEGO Friends Pop Star Show Stage 41105 Review

Mama Says Play September 13, 2016 @ 2:01AM
LEGO Friends Pop Star Show Stage 41105 Review

The legendary Danish toy line LEGO has been going strong for nearly 7 decades now. In their time at the very height of the toy world's pecking order, they've provided captivating building sets for just about everything you could ever imagine. From historic buildings to vast science fiction landscapes and more, there's no way to undersell just how many different tastes LEGO has catered to. Now, their LEGO Friends branding has finally provided a unique touch made specifically with girls in the "tween" age group in mind.

In February of 2015, Brand Finance named LEGO as the most powerful brand in the whole world. They know how to captivate an audience, and they are all inclusive with incredibly high quality products. The proof is right here for all to see in the LEGO Friends Pop Star Show Stage. This will be the perfect way to complement the changing tastes of many girls in the "tween" age group while still offering something that's simply just fun to play with. It should come as no surprise that this set is highly recommended.

This LEGO Friends Pop Star Show Stage 41105 review will discuss the features, pros and cons, and other aspects of this toy to help you make an informed buying decision.

Review of LEGO Friends Pop Star Show Stage 41105


Year Released: 2015
Set Number: 41105-1
Name of Set: Pop Star Show Stage
Number of Parts: 446
Minifigures: 2 - Andrea and Livi
Minimum Recommended Age to Build This Set: 7 years old

The aesthetics are well planned out, with a final product that's both sleek and modern, far away from the simplistic squared off constructs some might imagine when thinking of building toys. The purple, teal, and gold color palette is also incredibly striking. It lends itself perfectly to the "not just a little kid anymore" sensibility of those in the targeted age group.

As with all LEGO sets, the Pop Star Show Stage comes complete with a few additional pieces to offer a more fully fleshed out play experience. Included are two mini-figures, Livi and Andrea. They have two interchangeable fabric skirts, as well as instruments (including a guitar, drumsticks, and a cute little microphone). The set itself does more than just sit there as well; it has several moving parts such as panels that can help replicate the dramatic entrances seen in most modern pop star acts.

For an added cherry on top, the set is completely modular. Just as with all LEGO toys, you can actually add this set onto others from the LEGO Friends line. For instance, you can grab the Pop Star Dressing Room later and actually add it to the back of the Show Stage with relative ease. This kind of interactivity is fantastic for encouraging creativity and imagination, as well as offering a more in depth and long lasting play experience.

What Age Range Is This Toy For?

Intended for children between the ages of 7 and 12, LEGO's Pop Star Show Stage is a 446 piece set representing an elaborate pop music concert stage. The main target audience is young girls.

Why People Like This Toy

As I did my research for the Pop Star Stage Show set, I came across one parent who said that this set is much sturdier than other LEGO Friend sets. This is good because that means it will hold up to repeated building and play.

People who own this set agreed that there is a lot of play value in this LEGO set. There is the fun of building it for kids, and then they can act out various scenes, including concerts for their Friend characters.

Pros And Cons



  • The price is great, especially when compared to other LEGO sets, such as the Star Wars series.
  • This set is fairly large and open, making it easy for kids to play with the set after they build it.
  • There are several ways that the stage can be built, which increases the play value.
  • The set might be difficult for younger kids to build but Mom or Dad can step in and help any time they feel confused.

Skills Taught By This Toy

Imaginative Play - This toy teaches imaginative play skills because children can use the minifigures and stage to act out any number of scenarios.

Motor Skills - This toy teaches fine motor skills as kids build the set.

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This LEGO® set contains small pieces that could be a choke hazard and is not meant for children age three and younger. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.

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