LEGO Minecraft the Snow Hideout 21120 Review

Mama Says Play September 13, 2016 @ 2:01AM
LEGO Minecraft the Snow Hideout 21120 Review

10 year old David had gotten the Nether Fortress for his birthday and spent hours playing with it. Then he saw the Snow Hideout set and knew that it would be the perfect companion for the one he already had.

David was a huge fan of the Minecraft video game and enjoyed playing it with his dad. He and his dad also enjoyed building and playing with his Minecraft LEGO set, so David knew better than anyone that he would also love this set.

When Christmas day arrived David was delighted when he unwrapped this toy. He got right down to the business of building it, and it didn't take long before his favorite activity was launching the cactus away from the hideout!

What was even better, though, was using the bricks to create his own version of the snowy playset, as well as combining it with his other Minecraft set.

This pairing couldn't be any more perfect! On one hand you have LEGO, an absolute titan in the toy aisles, and the undisputed favorite of all building toys worldwide. On the other is Minecraft, one of the biggest "fun for all ages" video game sensations of the last several years. The latter, of course, has gameplay centered entirely around building homes, towns, and possibly even entire worlds block by block.

Seeing these characters team up makes all the sense in the world, and the other building sets in the Minecraft series offers perhaps the most accurate real-world translation of Minecraft possible. This set is one of the best examples of gigantic pop culture properties joining forces.

This LEGO Minecraft the Snow Hideout 21120 review will discuss the features, pros and cons, and other aspects of this toy to help you make an informed buying decision.

Review of LEGO Minecraft the Snow Hideout 21120


Year Released: 2015
Set Number: 21120
Name of Set: The Snow Hideout
Number of Parts: 305
Minifigures: 3 - Creeper, Snow Golem, and Steve
Minimum Recommended Age to Build This Set: 8 years old

LEGO's Minecraft Snow Hideout set - designated as set 21120 for the more hardcore LEGO collectors out there - provides 327 pieces, a mini figure of Minecraft's famous protagonist Steve, as well as an iconic Creeper and Snow Golem creature. The basic construct resembles a hidden snowy cabin with tons of secrets to explore. The set promotes the idea of building it in a customized fashion however, tapping right into the same vein that has already hooked kids (and big kids at heart) on LEGO and Minecraft in the first place.

The colorful pieces provided help create a palpable atmosphere, with the white "snow" blocks truly giving off a chilling mood. When completed, the Snow Hideout set is immediately captivating. Complete with a pickax accessory for Steve and several unique pieces to recreate the likes of ice block windows and the iconic Minecraft crafting table, this is sure to spark the imagination of any child that builds it.

What Age Range Is This Toy For?

The recommended age range of the set is between 8 and 15 years old, but even adults love the Minecraft LEGO sets. Instructions are provided to help fashion the hideout after the model on the box if so desired. The construction is very simple and detailed in a step by step manner with clearly illustrated pictures. It can be a fun family activity to sort through pieces and create your own hideout together, but anyone at least 8 years old should be more than capable of tackling the construction on their own. Minecraft is the sort of game that might appeal to boys and girls alike, and either would likely have fun with this set if they're already fans.

Why People Like This Toy

As I researched the Minecraft Snow Hideout set, I found that reviewer after reviewer wrote about how much their kids love this set. The set is filled with secrets that give children plenty of playing opportunities.

Pros And Cons



  • The combination of the LEGO and Minecraft franchises is as perfect a fit as you could want, and the imagination-sparking nature inherent in each property is in full effect.
  • It's a colorful, atmospheric set that should be fairly simple to build given its moderately low brick count.
  • The price is incredibly forgiving compared to many other LEGO sets.
  • The only real negative is that once the set is put together one way, it can be difficult to pull a lot of the pieces apart. LEGO bricks fit fairly snugly together. You can separate them, but you need to buy an individual tool with which to do so. Luckily, they can be obtained directly from the company or several online stores for fairly low prices.

Skills Taught By This Toy

Imaginative Play - This toy teaches imaginative play skills because it allows kids to use their imaginations as they come up with adventures for Steve and any of his friends.

Motor Skills - This toy teaches fine motor skills as children put the bricks together to complete the Snow Hideaway set.

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This LEGO® set contains small pieces that could be a choke hazard and is not meant for children age three and younger. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.

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