Little Live Pets Cleverkeet Review

Mama Says Play September 13, 2016 @ 2:00AM
Little Live Pets Cleverkeet Review

Kids want pets. It’s part of the development of a child to want a pet – something helpless that they can love and look after. However, unless you are raising a child on a farm, the chances are they do not understand just how much work is involved in looking after an animal.

When it comes to choosing between cleaning out a cage or playing with toys, very few kids are enthusiastic to spend any of their time cleaning up after their beloved pets. So, imagine a pet that behaves very much like a real animal, but makes absolutely no mess or difficulties. Cleverkeet is just such a toy.

Cleverkeet provides all the fun and fascination of having a pet bird but without the feathers and fuss. Unlike a live pet, he can be switched off, doesn't make a mess, and the only thing that will die is the batteries, which means Cleverkeet won't get sick if your child forgets to feed him.

This Little Live Pets Cleverkeet review will discuss the features, pros and cons, and other aspects of this toy to help you make an informed buying decision.

Review of Little Live Pets Cleverkeet


Interaction – Cleverkeet (or Clever Keet, as some people call him) from Moose Toys, true to his first name, will learn from his owner’s repetition, just like real mimic breeds of bird such as parrots and budgerigars. He will also answer questions his owner asks him and make comments on what he hears around him.

Animation – This clever little critter will dance to music, ride on his cart, swing, and drink and eat from his perch. He also sings and whistles from his perch as well as when he is just placed on a flat surface.

Actions – This realistic little bird does a variety of things that a real parakeet would do. He swings on his perch, rocking his body back and forth. He dances on his dance perch in front of his mirror. He eats when he is hungry. He rides his cart whenever you place him on it. He even burps and passes gas. The last two actions might not be realistic, but kids think it is hilarious!

Sounds – In addition to repeating what he hears, he will also mix your words up playfully; answer questions; ask for food when he’s hungry; and make a wide variety of fun sounds.

On/Off Switch – There is a switch underneath Cleverkeet’s body that allows you to switch him off. This is of course an added bonus you do not get with a real bird!

What Age Is This Toy For?

The manufacturer recommends this toy for children aged 5 years and older, and appeals to both boys and girl. It’s very likely to keep some adults engaged as well.

Why People Like This Toy

Parents who have bought this bird for their children have been impressed by the sturdiness of the both the bird and the accessories. Having been dropped a few times by little hands, the bird continued to work perfectly. In addition to the durability, it seems there is no growing tired of the bird’s ability to chat.

Parents who have written reviews on Cleverkeet have remarked on the extent of his repertoire – allowing for ongoing engagement and interest. In addition to the various features, one of the benefits parents have commented on is the fact that, while I've been referring to Keet as a “he” the bird in fact has nothing that identifies is as male or female, which allows its new owner the freedom to decide.

Pros And Cons



  • On/off switch means the bird can be switched off when not in use, saving batteries and allowing for a rest from the chatter.
  • It has a wide repertoire which means no getting bored or annoyed with repetition.
  • The bird and its accessories are sturdy and durable.
  • It works in a variety of positions and can work on a flat surface as well as on its accessories.
  • The bird will talk while being carried around on his perch.
  • Records voices and repeats them.
  • Funny responses that can keep the giggles going.
  • Cleverkeet's “fuzzy” skin gives the bird a texture that can be petted.
  • The packaging is very difficult to get into when you first receive the bird. This does mean that it is kept safe and secure during travel, but you will need to allow for time and patience in getting Keet and its accessories out of the packaging.
  • The recordings are only around 4 seconds each, but this does provide for some very funny mix-ups and, of course, constantly fresh content.

Skills Taught By This Toy

Comprehension - This toy teaches comprehension skills because children need to understand how to make Cleverkeet work in order to interact with him.

Imaginative Play - This toy teaches imaginative play skills as kids pretend that their Cleverkeets are real birds and play with them.

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