Marvel Remote Control Hulk Smash Vehicle Review

Mama Says Play September 13, 2016 @ 2:01AM
Marvel Remote Control Hulk Smash Vehicle

Sam's parents sometimes joked that Sam's first words were, "Hulk smash!" Whether true or not, there was no denying that this was five year old Sam's favorite phrase. He loved everything about The Incredible Hulk - his size, his muscles, but most of all Sam loved the fact that the Hulk was green.

When Sam turned six his parents gave him the Hulk remote control car that he had been asking/begging/pleading for. His parents were initially worried that the remote control might be too complicated for Sam to use, but Sam quickly mastered how to make Hulk and his car move around.

It didn't matter to Sam if Hulk crashed into a wall because that meant that Hulk would roll around for a moment before getting back on all four wheel with the help of Hulk's swinging arms. Sam laughed joyously every time Hulk and his car flipped over.

Sam proved how durable the toy was by intentionally rolling the car or making it spin, and he even let his mom and dad take a turn every now and then, but he only let them play with it for a few minutes before politely asking for the remote back.

The Hulk Smash remote control toy is fun for both kids and adults! You can arrange Hulk's arms in a variety of positions, and every time you do, it will affect how the car moves around. Don't worry if the car tips over, though, because you can use the controls to swing his arms around in a circle to get upright again.

I really like the fact that this is able to withstand crashing into whatever gets in its way. I have no doubt that this will be on many Christmas or birthday wish lists.

This Marvel Remote Control Hulk Smash Vehicle review will discuss the features, pros and cons, and other aspects of this toy to help you make an informed buying decision.

Review of Marvel Remote Control Hulk Smash Vehicle


Right out of the gate, the Hulk Smash vehicle is the sort of toy that truly evokes the spirit of fun. At its base lies an army styled utility vehicle just barely holding together as an absolutely huge rendition of the Hulk sits atop it, poised to strike. When in use, the arms rotate a full 360 degrees, both helping propel the vehicle forward and bringing life to the wildly chaotic and powerful nature of the character.

Boys will be delighted to discover that the Hulk Smash vehicle says 10 different phrases and sounds. Not only that, Hulk's arms can be set to eight different positions. The position of his arms will dictate how Hulk moves as you control him with the remote control.

Some kids get frustrated when their RC vehicles flip over and have to be returned to an upright position. An over-turned Hulk is not a problem with this toy! Hulk is able to get back up on his own, thanks to his spinning arms.

What Age Range Is This Toy For?

The suggested age range for this toy is 4 years old and up. It looks to me that this will appeal to kids from age 4 to to about age 12, maybe 13, but even Mom and Dad are sure to want to take a turn playing with this fun toy.

Why People Like This Toy

As I read through the reviews of this toy I found that kids went absolutely bananas for it! They love all the flips and spins that it does. They also like how easy the controls are to use, which is good because the toy is aimed at younger children who won't have the patience for complicated controls.

Pros And Cons



  • Name recognition is a huge plus factor with this toy. Kids (especially boys) know who the Hulk is and they are going to want this RC vehicle.
  • The vehicle is durable and incredibly well put together. It is built to take the abuse of banging into walls, flipping over, and so on.
  • The car is very well balanced as well. Should it ever tip over, continuing to move it forward will allow it to easily realign itself into the default driving position thanks to the sturdy arm mechanism.
  • There are around 10 different trademark Hulk phrases thrown out as the car is in use as well, adding a much needed bit of additional personality.
  • The controls are a breeze to master, making the toy fun for kids of all ages.
  • The Hulk and the remote control require 8 AA batteries. I recommend that you buy rechargeable batteries, which are more environmentally friendly than traditional batteries, not to mention more cost effective.
  • Price is a little high, but this is to be expected given how well made it is.
  • It doesn't always hold a basketball as advertised.

Skills Taught By This Toy

Comprehension - This toy teaches comprehension skills because children need to be able to interpret that the way they move the controller will result in specific actions by the vehicle.

Evaluation - This toy teaches evaluation skills because kids need to evaluate how they are going to move the controller if they want Hulk to move in a certain way.

Memory - This toy teaches memory skills because children need to remember how the controller works to make Hulk move and do certain actions.

Motor Skills - This toy teaches fine motor skills as they use the controller.

Reasoning - This toy teaches reasoning skills as they decide how to move the controller and Hulk simultaneiously.

Responsibility - This toy teaches responsibility skills because this is a toy that can be broken if it isn't properly cared for. I.E. If it is being played with in the street it could be run over and destroyed by a car if a child isn't careful.

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Final Thoughts

"Hulk Smash!" may be one of the most iconic catch phrases in all of comic books (and the entire world of pop culture, for that matter.) Marvel Comics' big green powerhouse, The Hulk, has spanned several generations now, and he may be more popular than ever thanks to the immensely successful Avengers live action films. Ever the kid favorite, Hulk toys are perhaps more in demand than ever before. With XPV's Hulk Smash vehicle, you can offer the Hulk fan in your life a little something off the beaten path.

The Hulk Smash has quite the laundry list of "Pros" overall. It has name recognition that is going to make it a great gift for anyone who loves this character. It's a safe bet that most of us have someone in our life who qualifies! The product goes much deeper than that however. It's actually a legitimately well put together remote control vehicle. It's made of sturdy materials and the controls are a breeze to master. XPV has set the recommended age to 4 and up, so even some of the youngest Hulk fanatics out there should be able to enjoy it.

Don't let the price tag scare you away from this toy. The materials used here are high quality however, and the old idiom that you "get what you pay for" is usually true. If you've ever purchased any of those measly $10 or $15 RC cars, you'll know they give out in a flash. There's no such worry with the Hulk Smash. As for the basketball issue, well, it's much more fun to see our lovable green hero freely thrash his arms around anyway.

In the end, XPV's Remote Control Hulk Smash vehicle is a unique RC car with tons of personality. It is loaded with little touches that can easily push a toy into the "favorites" category for kids. It represents an immensely loved pop culture icon, offers a fun and easily enjoyed play experience, and its sturdy and elegant design work means it works well for a wide array of ages. If you want to give the Hulk fan in your life a little something special, skip the action figure aisle and go for this bad boy instead!

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