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Responsibility Skills

Responsibility is the accountability, or owning, of actions and obligations.

Children who are given responsibilities feel good about themselves. They feel like valued members of their families. Look for ways to make even young children responsible for something.

Be aware that responsibility does not occur after a single telling. Parents need to oversee the jobs or chores given to children. Praise often when the jobs or chores are properly completed because praise is the best reinforcer for children. When needed, give gentle reminders or help when jobs or chores are completed incorrectly, or not at all.

When children learn to be responsible, they are likely to become responsible adults.

Examples of Responsibility at various ages:

A toddler is given the nightly chore of putting napkins on the dinner table.

A preschooler is responsible for feeding the family cat (her mom checks after each feeding to make sure the cat has been fed the proper amount of food).

A high school student does his homework upon arriving home each day so he can enjoy his evenings doing what he wants.

Toys That Teach Responsibility Skills:

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