Sky Rover Voice Command Heli Vehicle Review

Mama Says Play September 13, 2016 @ 2:01AM
Sky Rover Voice Command Heli Vehicle Review

The world of remote control vehicle toys seems to be widening by the minute. There are so many different types out there, with each one possessing roughly the same exact features as the next. It's pretty difficult to know where to get started, let alone which models are the real standouts.

It takes something truly special to leap off the shelves and really make a name for itself. With the Sky Rover helicopter, the team at Sky Rover attempts to use modern wireless technology to do exactly that. With several different modes that blend the sensibilities of old and new, this is a toy helicopter that definitely turns heads.

There's a lot to admire about the Sky Rover helicopter. It isn't going to out perform any of the fancy $1000+ "quadcopter" drones in terms of specs, but it does more than enough to make its humble low price range feel like a bargain.

This flying copter is a wonderful gateway into the world of aerial toys. The basic flight functionality is easy to get a handle on, but the set includes several replacement parts should there be any mishaps along the way. The amalgamation of newer and older tech also adds a lot of versatility to the vehicle. In the end, SkyRover has put together a quality product for a great price here.

This Sky Rover Voice Command Heli Vehicle review will discuss the features, pros and cons, and other aspects of this toy to help you make an informed buying decision.

Review of Sky Rover Voice Command Heli Vehicle


Voice Command - The big ticket feature of the Sky Rover is of course its voice command functionality. While talking through a headset, you can speak any of 12 different voice commands to control the helicopter's flight path.

Remote Control - Traditionalists can also enjoy this toy by using the standard remote control functionality, which is also incorporated into the design in addition to the voice command.

Gyro Engine and Smart Hover - Additional capabilities such as the ability to automatically hover through "Smart Hover" tech and a built-in gyroscopic engine for steadying offer quite a well rounded modern edge to this toy.

Replacement Parts Included - The value of the Sky Rover Voice Command Heli Vehicle greatly increased, thanks to the inclusion of replacement parts right in the box. Many parents know how much of a hassle it can be having to return newly purchased remote control vehicles after the learning curve has proven to be a bit on the "bumpy" side. Procuring replacements from the manufacturer can also be a headache with some companies. The SkyRover team has saved us all a lot of frustration here. If only the controller batteries were included, the total bang for your buck here would be perfect.

What Age Range Is This Toy For?

Auldey, the manufacturer of Sky Rover helicopter toy, says that this toy is recommended for ages 8 to 15 years old, but older kids and adults are likely to enjoy flying it, too.

Why People Like This Toy

People who own the Sky Rover helicopter were very happy with the qualify of the toy. One person said that he accidentally flew it into a neighbor's yard, where is stayed overnight in occasional rain. He was impressed when the vehicle was returned to him and still worked, despite the rain. This toy isn't meant to be played with in the rain, so it's good to know that it survived a night in the elements.

Owners also appreciate that the copter seems to hold up well to the bumps and tumbles that are to be expected with an RC flying vehicle, especially since it is marketed to kids who aren't likely to fly it as well as adults.

Pros And Cons



  • The gyro-balanced engine makes it incredibly easy to fly.
  • Auldey has cleared the product for use by children as young as 8 years old. Proper safety and responsibility must be taught before handling any sort of heli vehicle of course, but actually learning to handle this one has proven to be free of frustration.
  • Control is possible across six different directions and three channels, giving plenty of potential depth and longevity to its use.
  • The Sky Rover is meant for indoor use only. It will work outside, but any amount of wind will make operating it a difficult task. This might be disappointing to some recipients at first, though any concerns along those lines are usually forgotten once the vehicle is in use.
  • You might want to make sure you really have enough space in your home before purchasing. It's small enough not to make a mess of things once the controls have been learned in an open area such as the living room however.

Skills Taught By This Toy

Comprehension - This toy teaches comprehension skills to children as they learn how to control the copter, both by voice and by remote control.

Evaluation - This toy teaches evaluation skills because kids need to evaluate how to maneuver the Sky Rover without crashing it into anything.

Memory - This toy teaches memory skills as children remember the different ways to control the copter.

Motor Skills - This toy teaches fine motor skills when children use the remote control.

Responsibility - This toy teaches responsibility skills because kids need to be responsible as they use this by not breaking anything while flying the Sky Rover.

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